Moved to a new place.

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Hello to all those who followed me here, I am sorry that I stopped blogging and keeping you up to date with my exploits. I have moved to a new blog and I hope to keep this one going strong and proper. I hope you will have a look at my new blog and join me in a new journey.


Should probably add a link to my new crib….

TUSHIE Express


See you soon


Corny/Pasty Man/TUSHIE


Where o where has my TUSHIE gone???

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This blog is a few things, the first is a big Hello to everyone who pops on and off my blog, thankyou even if you took one look and went “weirdo” still thankyou.

The second is an apology, firstly to my friends who I have ignored and neglected in the lat few weeks. I know I have not been on JK/msn/Skype/PWI/HOTK or any of the other ways I communicate with you. I have no excuse for my absence and the reason even sounds stupid in my head so who knows how it would sound to all of you so rather than explain myself I thought I would use this chance to give you an apology, albeit on mass with no names :p.

To my friend(s) (I know of one who reads this there may be others) from PWI and HOTK. I am sorry I have not been on the games or the forums much, I know I promised I would be there and I am sorry for not letting you guys and gals know that I was not going to be around. I am hoping now to make time for all of you both to chat and have a laugh like we used to, but also to be a physical presence in the games.

To JK, both the site itself, my fellow bloggers, my friends from the site and all the other members I have not had the chance to chat to. I am sorry, I have missed you all and I hope you have missed me… a little…. ok a lot really but I will settle for a little. I have spoken to a lot of you both in chat and on skype since I joined and I have loved reading your blogs and forum posts, they have made me smile, made me laugh, made me get all emotional (men don’t cry hehe), they have turned me on, they have opened my mind and they have given me food for thought…. some even all in the same blog! I have loved the games we play and beating certain people in quizzes and feuds and listening to their…. “tame” challenges and comments the next morning. I hope that you can understand that I did not want to not be on JK or not be blogging but I let somethings get the better of me and let them dominate my time. Something I am now not intending to let happen.

I do not know if any of my other friends on msn or Skype read this blog, if they do then my apologies for not chatting or catching up when I have said I would and not been there, feel free to buzz me anytime and chat my ears off.

The third thing is a thank you. There are 3 thank you’s I want to give out. Firstly to some of my good friends on JK, you know who you are, you have been there for me to bitch to and complain to, for me to laugh and joke with, you have given me advice and support and you have also helped to build my confidence up, so much so that I wrote this blog.

Secondly and sadly this one won’t be read by them but it goes out to my Mother, I went home this weekend and sadly the reason for me going home primarily turned out to be a complete waste of an hour of my life and proof that sometimes people are not what they seem and even a psychologist can misread people. The reason why I am thanking my Mother is because when things went wrong she was there, when I was having a crisis of confidence regarding choices about my job, and how all my friends are off engaged or married she was there (albeit much like me she was pissed as a fart!). I would not be where and who I was today if my Mother did not support me… even when I make silly choices like drinking 5 cans of larger, a bottle of red wine, 2 large Whiskey’s and then arguing with her boss about football.

The final thankyou goes out to my kitty; for those who don’t know one of my fellow bloggers and close friends from JK who I spend a large amount of time on msn and Skype with is my friend, my submissive, my love, my kitty and more. We have not met yet and while we do both love each other we have decided to wait untill we meet before making any titles such as boyfriend or girlfriend official…. hence it is not on our Facebook’s hehe. I am thanking her here not just because she has been daft enough to fall for me, but because she was there for me, without saying a word I knew she was there, without even knowing she needed to be there she was there beside me holding my hand. I thank my kitty for being herself, even those times when she says she is not beautiful and argues with me (which is not to say she does not earn punishments for these moments) I love the time we have spent, I love the thought of the time we will spend together. I love her, and I hope that in whatever form this relationship continues that love will not falter because everyone needs someone in their life who they love.

I hope those who have been mentioned in my blog will accept the apologies and that those who feel they have been left out read it again, then get 3 more people to read it to check this…. that way I can be sure you are right and my views go up :D.



Wild Weekends!

Posted: September 2, 2010 in Ramblings

“Dan…… Dan…. How the fuck did we make it up the stairs this morning”

“We are upstairs…….”

That was shared between me and my good friend (albeit pompous twit at times) Dan. Dan spent the weekend just gone, down here with me, and like any weekend when the two of us get together we spent a large portion of it drunk!

What fun we had, going around chatting to every and anyone who was in the pubs and clubs, only with Dan would we spark up a conversation with a Hen party at the bar of a club and asking them “So which one is throwing it all away for a life of domestic chores, boring sex, early nights and arguments….” then turning to the obviously dressed bride to be and going “oh shit sorry love… sure it will be magical”…… Well her friends all laughed! We danced to some of the best Disco songs ever and almost got thrown out for waving our lighters during one song. We carried a girl from one end of the smoking area to the other in exchange for a ciggie each…. then Dan dropped her! We spent about 60 pounds on shots from the shot girls and I am fairly sure when one said thanks she added “for paying my weeks rent”.

All in all it was an amazing weekend, I had such a good time I am still recovering in some ways due to all the crap food and drink, should be okay by the end of this evening but who knows hehehe.

What did I learn from this weekend, well last time Me and Dan went out I realised I was a lot more than I thought I was, this time I realised that while I am not living a dual identity, there where things i could not tell Dan, I could not tell Dan that I have my kitty, I can’t tell him that I blog and that he even inspired my first posts theme. What I can do though is show him how good a friend he is, I can be there when he wanted to tell me what was happening and talk to me about his problems, I can buy him drinks and tell him not to worry, but the best thing I can do is we can have weekends like that one as often as possible, we can forget all our troubles and issues and for 2-3 days go back and show the world who we are, what we are capable of, and best of all that if we want to dance on a bar, one tall gangly fool and one short chubby joker then we will.

The other thing I realised is much like my kitty posted, I missed her so very much, from our rambly conversations, to our good morning txts and good night calls and our hot steamy intimate moments. She was with me at every moment of that weekend, she helps give me confidence and lets me know that no matter what their looks say I have someone who looks at me and I know she see’s the real me and accepts it entirely. Thank you my kitty.

This was a shorter one as I have a third still to type and I don’t want to bore you all to soon.

Go on squeeze a Tush… you’ll like it… I promise.

“Come here flirty kinksters, on my lap guess whose back with a brand new rap and I don’t mean rap as in a new case of whip, cane ‘n’ spanking  acusates”  (Thank you Mr Mathers for the use of some of your lyrics to create that kinky rap…. I may make some more :D)

So as I write this I am listening to the worlds most loved/hated white rapper…. no I don’t mean Vanilla Ice!!! Something I do like about Eminem is that he has no problem in speaking whats on his mind…. isn’t he lucky that what is on his mind also sells records…. lucky man :D.

Well that’s the first little ramble, now it has been a few days even weeks since you have sat down to hear a Tushie Tale so where do I begin, guess it would be good to start with where I left off. I had just been home for the Beer Festival and had my parents coming up, the week between went well and soon I had the task of entertaining my parents. Don’t get me wrong I love my family….. kinda… sort of… sometimes….. *ahem* So my family came down and while some of those from Just-Kinky got to hear my weekend some of you did not… so let me tell you now.

They arrived on the Saturday, we spent the morning going around Tavi, a town near me, I took them to the farmers market (my Dad complained) into the Pannier Market which is a beautiful market for people to sell old items, cakes and sweets they made, little trinkets they make and also any other items they wish (He complained again). Finally got them to their hotel and checked them in, then we headed into Plymouth for the Flavour Fest which is amazing, so many different types of food and drink, from a chance to sup on Devon and Cornish ales, try fine meats both cured and cooked, different jams, chutneys and sauces all made in the local farms or in Cornish farms….. and you guessed it he complained because it rained a little…. it’s the south-west…. if it doesn’t rain you slowly realise that’s because you’ve stepped over the Devon border or headed North!

Aaaaaanyway we went around to some different areas over the few days and while my Dad complained and my Mother was ill with a cold I began to wonder why they came down…. I know they miss me sometimes and my Mother misses my company both in the kitchen cooking, but also bitching about people we work with, my Dad, Brother and life in general. The more I thought, the more I realised something, out of all their children I was the one who was the most self sufficient, true I still like a home cooked meal and I visit them when I can but I am no longer of the age where I need them as much, I suppose in a way it was their way of showing me that while I may not need them like I used to I need them in a different way, who else but my Dad would plan take me to The Glass Blowing House (a very fancy sea food restaurant on the Barbican in Plymouth) knowing that I would love the sea food there and my Mother still makes me smile and laugh when she is being silly and puts on her Frank Spencer style voice and then in the same space of time tell me that my Opa would be so proud of what I have done.

The saying goes “You never know what you had untill you don’t have it anymore.” Well I think this sounds better “You only realise how much you need and how important someone is untill you think you don’t need them anymore.” Saying this may cause controversy but I am all about pushing limits (and the bar a little)….

You can say you hate them, scream it, shout it, write it on the walls but when the screaming is done, all the tears are shed you will always remember what it is you loved about them and you will realise then, you need them, maybe not like you did but even if it is just the memory you need to remind you of that time or moment to make you smile you need them. So don’t forget that special some one in your life and for those who know me well I hope I will not be forgotten as you will always be in my mind.

Tush Man!

Well I feel it is time to enter this part of my mind again. I shall begin with some updates, I do now have a submissive of my own, she is my kitty and I am her Master. While we are currently not an official couple and our Master submissive relationship is non contact we have spoken about the future and meeting to move this to a more physical plateau…. But more on that in later blogs.

Last time I took you back to one of my early experiences, today and in the next few blogs here I wish to share some of what I really enjoy. Some of this has been acted out in cyber sex, role plays and even phone sex with previous partners and in some instances my current one some will even be from real experiences but sadly not many.

Bondage, tying some one up for either pleasure in the sight of them bound, to secure them to a piece of furniture, suspend them in the centre of the room, to hold them in a required position, to take away their freedom and create the feeling of helplessness or even to enjoy the beautiful Japanese Rope Bondage – Kinbaku. My first experience of this like a lot of people was the simple inclusion of furry handcuffs and myself and a girlfriend cuffing the others wrists and performing oral sex, licking whipped cream and chocolate sauce from one another. One of my most fondest memories came from using these simple but effective tools, I had a partner cuffed to the book-case that was above my bed, its design allowed for each wrist to be cuffed to it separately at either end. I had her cuffed and was feasting on the delights between her legs, my lips wrapped around her swollen clit as she moaned ” I am going to cum…” it was at this point I decided to stop and giving her pussy and long slow lick I moved away and left her wriggling with a frustrated look in her eyes. Now there is nothing I love more than the taste of a woman as she squirms and orgasms on my tongue but the thought of leaving her wanting, of making her beg for release, it made the hairs on my neck stand up.

She could have released herself, those hand cuffs are not exactly escape proof with some of them a firm shake would cause them to fall apart, she did not, I did not even have re-affirm that she was not to instead she lay there and was brought to the brink by my fingers, then denied, then by my cock and denied again, by this time we were both breathing very heavily, sweat dripped from our bodies and the air smelled of our arousal and despite the fact I had cum my cock was still rock hard, I moved to her side and pressed my lips to her ear… “Do you wish to cum?”….. a whimper and murmur of “please” was all I could make out at the time, I smiled and positioned my cock at her pussy, I could feel my cum flowing from her as I slide in again, once my whole length was inside her I looked her in the eye “10 thrusts and then cum.. if you cum before the 10th then next time I will not let you cum at all”…… I cannot honestly say if either of us counted the 10 accurately, feeling her clench my cock as it had entered and after a few thrusts feeling her writhe and grind against me….. but the feeling of control I had coupled with how she looked, her body exposed and unable to use her hands.

Not much by the standards of some readers but for me the start of a love of this particular fetish… my next post I will describe one of my bondage fantasies to you….. and to show you my love of this I own 2 pairs of handcuffs, one pair of leather cuffs, rope, a metal chain and two lengths of a silk like material.  hopefully all of which will get used in the future with my very sexy kitty.

Ta Ta


Ramblings along the train tracks

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So I had promised all you lot a blog about a week ago, I know I know very late but hey I never said I was perfect…. oh wait I did :p

Before I give you the blog one thing…. Hugh Dennis is on my train with me hehe should I go up and go “the noooowww show” or maybe do an impression of a MP…. hehe

So what have I been up to in my little life… well as I write this I am on the train home to the beer festival which some of you have had to suffer me harping on about and if you thought it was over nerrrr more harping on and on and on!!!

Well not that much has happened outside of the JKverse for me, mostly work and chilling out, not ideal I know and not much for a blog to write about but instead my blog today/this week is about something that has been on my mind for a long time. There is a thread on JK about online relationships and others I know have blogged on this subject and thrown in their two cents/pence/other currency here and I figured I would throw mine in to. I have had more than one online relationship and I am currently in the throes of one and it is odd, I have no problem telling this to others who have had a similar experience but telling someone who I know has not experienced this is a lot harder. Very few of my friends have ever experienced a life online like I have, either because they have not been drawn to it as I have or because they are more confident than I was in the past. Whatever the reason even my closest friends would look at me oddly if I told them of an online relationship and compared it to one of theirs…. but then why wouldn’t I, what is different between them aside from the type of contact. Online relationships with the benefit  of Skype, webcams, movie sharing programs, headphones and laptops with built-in cams and mics you can experience just as much as a couple in a more “conventional” relationship.

For example you can both watch a movie at the same time, being over Skype at the same time to hear each others laughter, sighs, shrieks and all those whispered comments between a couple watching a movie in a cinema. If both have a laptop with built-in mic and cam it would be entirely possible for the two to cook and eat a meal face to face. Yes it may sound odd, it may sound awkward and weird but why not, why should the matter in which two people meet mean they can enjoy any less of the pleasures of a relationship.

On thinking of it though there are some differences that I think favour the online relationship. Firstly it allows you both to take it slow, to develop those things that strengthen a relationship so that at times when it is tough you have those things to keep you together. Trust, meeting people on a site or in a chat you are in an odd place, you are open yet closed, prepared to share things you may not have been prepared to share if you had been in a bar, club, dance etc, but you are also closed not wanting to give out too much too soon as the risk online is great (you never know if that sexy 25 yr old big breasted blonde you have been chatting to is not a 52-year-old big breasted man!). however when you have gotten past the early days you and the person you are having the relationship with tend to grow a bond of trust very quickly, you find yourselves opening up slowly, testing out the trust and if the relationship is meant to be then you and your partner will find that you have a level of trust that is a lot higher than some non-online relationships, I take for example two of my friends, they are very much in love and engaged, but I know that one has been unfaithful in the stage of the relationship where trust is usually formed. While their partner does not know this it is clear that the trust is not as strong as it could be; only lack of knowledge prevents the relationship from getting a chip in its armour.

Now yes I am only really looking at small parts of this subject and the debate about it could go on for ever. I have found and more so with my current than the previous but when you are only able to have the contact of an online relationship you are able to cultivate a strong level of trust and bond that can se you up for that moment when you both meet with hearts in throats and butterflies in your stomach but trust between you.

Well that is it for this rambling, I am not even sure if it makes any sense but the seat next to me has been filled now and I am receiving dodgy looks… better get rid of them and put some porn from my hard drive on… works a treat for freeing the seats around you 😀


An ode to a kinky auction

by TUSHIE Wordsworth Milligan (full name ya know)

When and where is the kinky kinky auction?

Between the newby kinksters and the erotic whispers in the village of

Who will host the kinky kinky auction?

The Queen of the Kinkdom will host the show, The Queen of the Kinkdom will lead this erotic interaction.

What will we see at the kinky kinky auction?

You will see Paddles of Red Oak and Australian Rum, a pair of panties, worn or clean at your discretion.

What else, what else to see at the kinky kinky auction?

Boxes from all over the world, China, Mongolia, one from a well Geared Sign, one from New Zealand… and one from a land called Liverpool?????

So when can we go to the kinky kinky auction?

We can go now to see the wares and to pick and choose but only from the 19th of July to the 2nd of August can you bid for satisfaction.

So off we shall all go to the kinky kinky auction and we shall all engage in a  very kinky transaction.

Please note there were so many lots I could not fit all of them into one poem so for a real taste come along and see what lot tickles/spanks/pinches/pulls/gropes/kisses/licks your fancy.